Bamboo Shaking Up The Alcohol Industry

In recent news, a manufacturer of Chinese liquors, Chen Chao is trying to change the alcohol industry with the help of bamboo. Instead of using a traditional oak barrel for aging his spirits, he is using live bamboo trunks! These live bamboo trunks are supposed to carry forward a unique aroma and therapeutic benefit according to Chen Chao.

He states that he is using a high pressure injection technique which allows the spirt to mature quicker. The process of aging begins with the liqouor mixing with flavone, which is the fluid that is released by the bamboo trunk or more commonly known as the “sap”, allowing for the spirit to develop into its final form. Chen has said to learn this technique from Fujian, where this technique originated form. Interestingly enough, bamboo reduces the alcohol content of the spirit due to the fact that it absorbs some of the alcohol.

Chen is currently producing 50 – 60,000 bottles of this spirit per year and is hoping to increase his production amount within the upcoming year. Chen launched his own brewing business in 2015 and is becoming known for his various types of spirits.

  • Dave
  • January 29, 2017
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