Cancer Benefit With Bamboo Wear

A recent study that was released this month took a closer look at women with breast cancer and the type of bras they are wearing today. It has been long studied that the type of bra you wear (fiber makeup, size, support) can impact many different aspects of your posture but a connection with breast cancer was never studies – till now. The study displayed that women with breast cancer may infact benefit from bras woven from bamboo fivers.  The study claimed that the bamboo bra could promote healing and comfort after surgery.

Studies show up to 10% of the 30,000 women every year who have mastectomies and reconstruction surgery following a diagnosis of breast cancer may develop an infection after the procedure.

Trials have shown the bamboo bra has an anti-bacterial property because of the fact that bamboo fibers are innately anti-bacterial and thought to help prevent bacteria spreading.

Catriona Lawlor, a consultant plastic surgeon at St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin, has said the comfort and antibacterial features of the bamboo bra help shape the new breast tissue after surgery and helps in recovery time as well.

  • Dave
  • January 29, 2017
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